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About Us, Precision Die and Mold Tooling Services, Die and Mold Component Parts


Ramtec Corporation is a family owned precision tooling company specializing: in Conventional EDM, Wire EDM, Fast Hole EDM, Precision Grinding of Carbide and Steel, CNC Milling and Complete Detail Manufacturing. We put our customers first, here at Ramtec, and have the wonderful privilege of working with several great companies. Feel free to look around and give us a call on anything you seem fit, we'd love to chat.

Founded in January of 2000, Ramtec Corporation is a specialist in precision die and mold tooling services and manufacturing close tolerance component parts to within +/- .0001 inches precision. We have an experienced and talented team of designers, toolmakers, and CNC machinists. This together with our high-tech machine tools and equipment contribute to the success of our customers - our top priority.

We work with your tooling design, engineering or manufacturing staff to produce the best and component die and mold parts in the least amount of time. Our integrated job tracking software helps us stay on track and manage cost. We have in place the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system demonstrating our ability to consistently provide precision die and mold products and services that meet customer and statutory and regulatory requirements.


Why Ramtec for Your Die and Mold Tooling?

  • Always personal and attentive service to your needs and to the details for the project.
  • Quick response with fast turnarounds.
  • A wealth of manufacturing of experience and knowledge applied daily to achieve your goals
  • Worldwide service


  • Electrical Connector
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Special Machine


  • Carbide
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Tool Steels: A2, D2, S7, H13, CPM-10V
  • Carbon Steel
  • Graphite

We maintain an available inventory of prehardened materials if you need a broken die or mold part repaired or replaced quickly.


CNC Milling

Makino F5

  • vertical machining center for hard milling, complex applications
  • 30,000 rpm high-speed spindle

Haas VM2

  • CNC vertical milling for high-performance, close tolerance for accuracy, rigidity, and thermal stability required for mold making, tool and die work

Hass TM1P

  • toolroom CNC mill using standard 40-taper tooling, large-travel CNC machine

Mikron HSM 300 Electrode Mill with 3R WorkPal Robot

  • high-precision, high-speed milling machine used in EDM graphite electrode production

Wire EDM

Charmilles 2050 Twin Wire

  • High precision wire eroding wire EDM machine for perfect surface. TWIN-WIRE functionality for automatic switching between different wire thicknesses during roughing and finishing

Fanuc Robocut Alpha -1iC Wire EDM

  • high speed and high precision AI wire-cut electric discharge machining

Fanuc C400iA

  • wire EDM cutting speed with "nano" interpolation, producing faster and more accurate parts

Fanuc c600iB

  • CiB-Series wire EDM machines burn with virtually no re-cast and the AWF3 has been enhanced to thread thicknesses of up to 12 inches

AgieCharmilles DRILL 20 (fast hole popper)

  • this EDM hole popper is ideal for drilling multiple start holes


Charmilles Roboform 31 ( 16 position tool changer )

  • a die sinking EDM machine also called cavity type EDM or volume EDM, consists of an electrode and workpiece submerged in an insulating liquid

Charmilles Roboform 22 (4 position tool changer )

Precision Grinding

3 - Mitsui 6" X 18" surface grinders

2 - SuperTec 6" X 18" CNC precision surface grinders

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We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.

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