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Hard Milling Services

In our Hard Milling Services, Ramtec has the special equipment and understanding of material hardness, machining capabilities, required tooling, and tool holding devices to deliver where other CNC machine shops can't. However, experience is the key. Consequently, our die and mold customers receive a quicker turnaround on mold and die components (faster time to market). On-time delivery is assured and rush orders delivered within 24 hours, if necessary.

What is Hard Milling?


Providing Cost Savings Through the Elimination of Conventional EDM and Grinding

Hard milling is a branch of high speed machining techniques. The essence of high speed machining is taking many light cuts at closely spaced stepovers, thus leaving minimal cusps between passes. It creates an as-machined surface that drastically reduces the need for additional processing. Hard milling combines light cuts at high feed rates and spindle speeds making it possible to remove steel in the hardened state efficiently when all of the proper conditions are met. Likewise, closely spaced stepovers with small-diameter, radiused tools leave a surface that approaches the fineness of one that has been stoned or polished by hand. With the steel is already hardened, subsequent heat treating, stress relieving or grinding steps are unnecessary while the process also replaces many costly steps with EDM.

And hard milling is more accurate than CNC milling at +/- .0002 inches.

Our Featured F5 Vertical Machining Center: The Ideal Hard Milling Machine for Complex Applications

The F5 vertical machining center is designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for chatter-free cutting, agility expected from a hard milling machine and accuracies for tight-tolerance blends and matches typical of complex, 3-D contoured geometry associated with die/mold and medical production.

Various grades & sizes that are pre-hardened, is always in-stock to ensure smooth workflow for us and our customers. If you need a broken die or mold part repaired or replaced quickly.


  • Carbide
  • Tool Steels: A2, D2, S7, H13, CPM-10V
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Graphite


  • Electrical Connector
  • Die and Mold
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Special Machine

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We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.

By eliminating or drastically reducing electrode milling, EDM, grinding, polishing and spotting on the press, our hard milling services take out some of the most expensive and time-consuming steps in the mold building process. Ramtec has the solutions to your custom hard milling applications that will give you a lead time advantage in the market. Sourcing your project us will lead to greater efficiencies in your company with less problems in working with a company that you can trust. We appreciate the opportunity to quote your next hard milling services project.

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