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Prototype Mold Builders - Tulsa, OK

High Precision, Aluminum and Steel Molds - Ultimate Precision, Fast Turnaround with Quality

Ramtec's high precision tolerances (+/- .0001) accuracy in cavity detail for our prototype molds will help you establish essential production tooling requirements.Whether you require a stand alone tool or a single cavity insert, accuracy and quality are our top priority.

Specialists in Master Unit Die Molds (MUD Molds), Standalone Molds
Mold Sizes: 5" X 8" to 24" X 24"

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Master unit die molds lower total costs and turnaround time for prototype revisions. The inserts can be easily removed, redesigned, and re-inserted while leaving the larger part of the tool in the injection mold machine. If there is a requirement for significant repairing or adjustment to the injection molded part then MUD inserts are a good option. Making prototype molds is as much an art as it is a science.

Ramtec has the complete package necessary to deliver on any prototype mold project - one time or on a long-term basis. Our equipment allows us to perform simultaneous operations and minimize turnaround time. Combined with our 30 years of mold manufacturing know-how, this equipment investment has allowed us to deliver on the precise and cost-effective prototype mold manufacturing services that we claim. Take a panoramic tour of our facility found below.

Quality Integrated In Our Processes


Ramtec is an ISO 9001:2015 certified mold manufacturer employing state-of-the-art quality inspection technologies and techniques in our facility. We maintain complete in-house responsibility for our high quality standards. "100% Made in the USA" Quality is integrated into every part that we produce.


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View Our Manufacturing Facility

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.

We invite you to email a drawing using the Request-a-Quote form or call us to have an open discussion with one of our team members.

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